Loaner Trials

Why are loaner trials important?

Success with CPAP therapy depends on you finding the right fit with your equipment and your provider.

At CPAP FIT, we offer a first class loaner program. The loaner program allows new patients to experience the benefits of CPAP therapy before purchasing any equipment. Our staff will always put your care first and will never pressure you into purchasing equipment and supplies that you don’t need. You will see the first class care of our experienced and professional educators and see the CPAP FIT difference!


If anyone were to be diagnosed with sleep apnea, look no further than the CPAP Fit sleep therapy clinic. The staff is kind and helpful. The educators don’t let you leave if you don’t understand something. The supplies are great. I would recommend this to everyone☺ It helps!” – Joann O.

The educators were excellent. With their help I was able to choose the right CPAP mask and machine for me.” – William H.

I am waking up rested & feeling refreshed for the first time in over a year. Thank you.” – Robert, I.

Very pleased with the service – the staff are knowledgeable, accommodating and quick to respond to all questions and concerns. I highly recommend CPAP Fit!” – Katherine O.

CPAP is so important for health and enjoyment of life for me. It is important that my CPAP consultant takes it so seriously. This was a very thorough and professional mask fit and comfort consult. Thank you. ” – Gregory S.

I have been so happy with the people at CPAP Fit. Having to wear a CPAP machine is not something I wanted to do but they took time to explain and train me on using and it makes so much difference. If anyone needs CPAP or is afraid to get one, this is the place to come. The people are so knowledgeable and wonderful. Thanks so much. ” – Nancy H.

Many say that customer service is non-existent in our society today, but I'm here to tell you it is alive and well at CPAP-Fit! I was WOWED at the level of professionalism and personalized service I received. Jane went way out of her way to assure that I had the best mask to suit my needs. As a former sleep clinic technician she is extremely knowledgeable so you can feel confident your getting the right information. Also, as someone who is uninsured, Jane helped me to work out a payment plan that I could manage. I can honestly say that she genuinely cared about my needs and my circumstances and it showed! Moreover, unlike many other CPAP stores who make you pay for a mask before trying it out, as a complimentary part of CPAP-Fit's service I was allowed to try out different masks in order to find the one that worked right for me. I can not speak more highly of Jane and her staff at CPAP-Fit, I would highly recommend them to anyone. ” – Natalie H.

I found the service at CPAP FIT to be very good. The staff are very knowledgeable about the equicpment, very patient and understanding and also very caring. I was very happy with the service I received and they helped me with my needs.

– Sophia B.

The staff at CPAP FIT have been very helpful, supportive and accommodating. They listen to my concerns and treatment challenges and work with me to find realistic solutions. They also take care of my insurance papers so that I have less to deal with and can focus on my treatment and the medical equipment.

– Amy R.

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